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How to Stop Windows 10 Auto Update | Disable Windows 10 Update Step by Step

How to turn off windows 10 updates

In This Article, I am going to Show you that how to turn off windows 10 updates. So, First of all, you need to Click The Mouse right button on my computer/this PC icon and then click Manage.

Click Manage

After Clicking Manage You will find another window after that you need to click the option "Service and application"
Service And Application

It will show you another window. now you need to click " Service"

Clicking Service tab. You can find a Menu. Now find the "Windows Update" Section from the Menu. Naw open section by clicking "Windows Update".

Windows Update
After Opening this the tab. Select "Disable".

Now click "Apply" button. And close all the Window.


After completing this proses. Your Windows 10 will stop Updating Automatically. I hope this proses will work for you properly. 

If you feel any problem, Than feel free to contact me. I am here to help you.

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